The Church is a Charity

Everything that the Church of Scotland does locally, nationally and internationally depends on charitable giving. As part of the Church of Scotland, Broughty Ferry New Kirk members and supporters must meet the cost of ministry, as well as the upkeep of their buildings and the cost of mission locally and further afield. Through Ministry & Mission contributions to the central funds of the church, they also support those congregations whose income falls short of meeting all their costs.

As well as its work through local congregations, the Church of Scotland is one of the largest social care providers in the country, employing more than 2,000 staff to support some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people. The Church relies on people like yourself to support its work, and every pound makes a difference, especially if given regularly.

Ways of giving

Regular giving is best done through a Standing Order or dated Freewill Offering envelopes. Both are available from the Treasurer (Email: )

UK  taxpayers can also increase their giving by 25% at no cost to themselves by filling in a Gift Aid Form also available from the Treasurer (Email: ).

Watch this space for details of how to give online or by text.